a continuing common-source outbreak of botulism in a december, 1974, three cases of botulism occurred in a family; two were fatal. the first patient died after a 10-day illness without botulism being suspected. 4 days later, after a 2-day illness, the second patient was diagnosed as having botulism after a cardiorespiratory arrest; she died 3 days later. in the third patient, the only symptom was dysphagia. clostridium botulinum type b was found in stool specimens from all three patients. home-canned (bottled) mushrooms, which were found to con ...197553340
garlic-in-oil associated botulism: episode leads to product february 1989, three cases of botulism occurred in persons who consumed garlic bread made from a garlic-in-oil product. testing of leftover garlic-in-oil showed it to have a ph of 5.7 and to contain high concentrations of clostridium botulinum organisms and toxin. this was the second episode of botulism associated with a low acid garlic-in-oil product which needs constant refrigeration. in response, the food and drug administration has taken steps to prevent a recurrence by requiring that mic ...19902240308
an international outbreak of type e botulism due to uneviscerated october and november 1987, eight cases of type e botulism occurred in new york city and israel. all eight patients had eaten uneviscerated, salted, air-dried whitefish known as kapchunka. clostridium botulinum was isolated from samples of fish, and trypsinized portions of kapchunka contained type e toxin despite levels of salt that were far in excess of those considered adequate for safety. as c. botulinum has been found in the viscera of fish from the great lakes, possible explanations for t ...19902405071
foodborne botulism: an international outbreak.we report an outbreak of fishborne botulism caused by type e clostridium botulinum. the eight cases, six in israel and two in new york city, resulted from the consumption of ribbetz or kapchunka, a freshwater whitefish soaked in brine and air-dried, that was processed commercially in new york. half the cases were males; the age range was 9 to 77 years. five of the victims were hospitalized; the oldest died, and two others required ventilatory assistance. laboratory confirmation of botulism was o ...19892807675
survey of the u.s. atlantic coast and estuaries from key largo to staten island for the presence of clostridium botulinum. 19674860536
isolation of clostridium botulinum type e from cayuga lake fish. 19665335389
an outbreak of botulism in waterfowl and fly larvae in new york october 1982 the death of approximately 1,500 wild ducks, mostly mallards (anas platyrhynchos), and about 100 shore birds including greater yellowlegs (tringa melanoleuca) was observed in the new york state oak orchard wildlife management area. the lack of gross pathology, the signs exhibited by the moribund ducks, and the ecologic conditions indicated possible botulinal intoxication. clostridium botulinum toxin type c was demonstrated in duck serum (approximately 5 x 10(4) mouse intraperiton ...19846737616
seafood-associated disease outbreaks in new york, 1980-1994.seafood-associated disease outbreaks in new york were examined to describe their epidemiology and to identify areas for prevention and control efforts.199910429753
prevalence of clostridium botulinum in soils of central new york state. 194620989616
biodiversity of clostridium botulinum type e associated with a large outbreak of botulism in wildlife from lake erie and lake ontario.the genetic relatedness of clostridium botulinum type e isolates associated with an outbreak of wildlife botulism was studied using random amplification of polymorphic dna (rapd). specimens were collected from november 2000 to december 2008 during a large outbreak of botulism affecting birds and fish living in and around lake erie and lake ontario. in our present study, a total of 355 wildlife samples were tested for the presence of botulinum toxin and/or organisms. type e botulinum toxin was de ...201021115703
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