enteric illness in ontario, canada, from 1997 to 2001.enteric illness is a common problem worldwide. in ontario (population of 11.4 million, 2001 census of canada), laboratory-confirmed cases of "reportable" enteric diseases are reported to local health units. public health staff members investigate these illnesses and subsequently report details to the ministry of health and long-term care through an electronic reporting system. from 1997 to 2001, 44,451 sporadic cases of illness attributable to eight enteric pathogens (campylobacter, salmonella, ...200312800994
clostridium botulinum type d intoxication in a dairy herd in ontario.thirty-four holstein cows died after exposure to clostridium botulinum type d toxin, presumably from contaminated haylage. the presence of type d toxin in ruminal contents was confirmed by mouse inoculation. this is the first confirmation by direct toxin isolation of c. botulinum type d toxin in cattle in north america.200312839245
international outbreak of severe botulism with prolonged toxemia caused by commercial carrot juice.on 8 september 2006, 3 georgia residents presented with symptoms of food-borne botulism, a potentially fatal illness caused by clostridium botulinum neurotoxins.200818834318
prevalence of toxin-producing clostridium botulinum associated with the macroalga cladophora in three great lakes: growth and management.the reemergence of avian botulism caused by clostridium botulinum type e has been observed across the great lakes in recent years. evidence suggests an association between the nuisance algae, cladophora spp., and c. botulinum in nearshore areas of the great lakes. however, the nature of the association between cladophora and c. botulinum is not fully understood due, in part, to the complex food web interactions in this disease etiology. in this study, we extensively evaluated their association b ...201525577739
outbreak of type e foodborne botulism linked to traditionally prepared salted fish in ontario, canada.on april 17, 2012, two adult females presented to the hospital with symptoms of botulism. patient a displayed shortness of breath, increasing lethargy, ptosis, and fixed and dilated pupils, and was intubated after admission. patient b presented with shortness of breath, vomiting, and stridor. both patients consumed a meal consisting of a traditionally prepared salted fish, fesikh, on the evening of april 16 during a gathering to celebrate sham el-nessim, an egyptian holiday marking the beginning ...201425188279
intestinal toxemia botulism in 3 adults, ontario, canada, 2006-2008.five cases of intestinal toxemia botulism in adults were identified within an 18-month period in or near toronto, ontario, canada. we describe findings for 3 of the 5 case-patients. clinical samples contained clostridium botulinum spores and botulinum neurotoxins (types a and b) for extended periods (range 41-61 days), indicative of intestinal toxemia botulism. patients' clinical signs improved with supportive care and administration of botulinum antitoxin. peanut butter from the residence of 1 ...022257757
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