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iron deficiency and anemia prevalence and associated etiologic risk factors in first nations and inuit communities in northern ontario and nunavut.anemia is common among children in aboriginal communities in canada. the objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of anemia and to identify its associated risk factors among young children in aboriginal communities in northern ontario and nunavut.200516625803
low prevalence of iron-deficiency anaemia among inuit preschool children: nunavut inuit child health survey, 2007-2008.objective: to report the prevalence rates and correlates for anaemia, iron deficiency (id) and iron-deficiency anaemia (ida) among inuit preschool-aged children. design: a cross-sectional study assessed iron intake, demographic information, medical history, anthropometrics, hb, ferritin, c-reactive protein and antibodies to helicobacter pylori. setting: sixteen selected inuit communities in nunavut territory, canada. subjects: inuit (n 388) aged 3-5 years randomly recruited from communities. res ...201020920385
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