no association between gastric fundic gland polyps and gastrointestinal neoplasia in a study of over 100,000 patients.fundic gland polyps (fgps), the most common type of gastric polyps, have been associated with prolonged proton pump inhibitor therapy and an increased risk of colon cancer. the presence of fgps has been inversely correlated with helicobacter pylori infection. we evaluated the prevalence of h pylori-associated gastritis, colonic polyps, and carcinomas in subjects with and without fgps.200919465154
detection of helicobacter pylori in the coastal waters of georgia, puerto rico and trinidad.fecal pollution in the coastal marine environments was assessed at eleven sampling locations along the georgia coast and trinidad, and nine sites from puerto-rico. membrane filtration (epa method 1604 and method 1600) was utilized for escherichia coli and enterococci enumeration at each location. quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qpcr) amplification of the 16s ribosomal rna gene was used to determine the presence of the helicobacter pylori in marine samples. there was no significant correl ...201424332757
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