the helminth community of helmeted guineafowls, numida meleagris (linnaeus, 1758), in the north of limpopo province, south africa.the helminths of 15 helmeted guineafowls were collected in the north of limpopo province, south africa. a total of 11 cestode, ten nematode and a single acanthocephalan species were present. species richness ranged from 8 to 16 species per host, and nine core and nine secondary species accounted for 40.9% of the component parasite community. the remaining 18.2% comprised satellite species. core species represented 91% of all the worms present. individual intensities ranged from 66 to 2,724 per h ...200819040137
helminths of guineafowls in limpopo province, south africa.between july 2005 and november 2006 the gastro-intestinal helminths of 15 helmeted guineafowls and a single crested guineafowl from musina, limpopo province were examined, and in july and august 2005 helminths were collected from five helmeted guineafowls from mokopane in the same province. the acanthocephalan mediorhynchus gallinarum, the cestodes abuladzugnia gutterae, davainea nana, hymenolepis cantaniana, numidella numida, octopetalum numida, ortleppolepis multiuncinata, porogynia paronai, r ...200718453236
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