nematodes from swainson's spurfowl pternistis swainsonii and an orange river francolin scleroptila levaillantoides in free state province, south africa, with a description of tetrameres swainsonii n. sp. (nematoda: tetrameridae).five swainson's spurfowl collected in free state province, south africa, were examined for helminth parasites, and the nematodes acuaria gruveli, cyrnea parroti, gongylonema congolense, subulura dentigera, subulura suctoria and a new tetrameres species were recovered. their respective prevalence was 100, 20, 80, 20, 20 and 20%. these nematodes are all new parasite records for swainson's spurfowl, and acuaria gruveli constitutes a new geographical record as well. a single specimen of cyrnea euryc ...200818752725
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