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measles antibody: reevaluation of protective titers.a school blood drive before a measles outbreak permitted correlation of preexposure measles antibody titers with clinical protection using the plaque reduction neutralization (prn) test and an eia. of 9 donors with detectable preexposure prn titer less than or equal to 120, 8 met the clinical criteria for measles (7 seroconfirmed) compared with none of 71 with preexposure prn titers greater than 120 (p less than .0001). seven of 11 donors with preexposure prn titers of 216-874 had a greater than ...19902230231
immunity against measles and rubella in massachusetts schoolchildren.a statewide serosurvey was conducted among 6th, 10th and 12th grade massachusetts schoolchildren in 1982. sera were screened using a standard measles hemagglutination inhibition (hi) assay, a sensitive measles plaque neutralization assay, and four rubella assays with corresponding sensitivity limits of approximately 15, 10, 7.5, and 5 international units (iu) of rubella antibody/ml respectively. using the most sensitive assays, seroprevalence was 98.6% for measles antibodies and 93.1% for any ru ...19863556779
measles infection and parkinson's disease.a case-control analysis of parkinson's disease and infections in childhood was conducted in a cohort of 50,002 men who attended harvard college (cambridge, ma) or the university of pennsylvania (philadelphia, pa) between 1916 and 1950 and who were followed in adulthood for morbidity and mortality data. cases of parkinson's disease were identified from responses to mailed questionnaires and death certificates through 1978. four controls from the same population were selected for each case. a redu ...19854061437
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