epidemiology of cytomegalovirus infection after transplantation and immunosuppression.viral infections and clinical complications were studied during hemodialysis and after renal transplantation. active cytomegalovirus infection developed in 96% of patients after renal transplantation; reactivation of herpes simplex, varicella-zoster, and epstein-barr viruses was found in 35%, 24%, and 0% of patients, respectively. cytomegalovirus viremia developed in 42% of patients an average of two months after renal transplantation, lasted 1.75 (+/- 1.5) months (except in one patient with chr ...1975171315
measles susceptibility and immunization: experiences in a forensic psychiatric response to a measles outbreak in the community, a measles immunization program was developed at our hospital for forensic psychiatric patients.19938342866
progressive immunodeficiency due to infection with human immunodeficiency virus does not lead to waning immunity to measles in a cohort of homosexual men.the relationship between progressive immunodeficiency related to infection with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) and waning immunity to measles was investigated in this retrospective cohort study. titers of serum antibodies to measles virus were measured by enzyme immunoassay of stored sera from a cohort of homosexual men who were studied at san francisco general hospital. subjects underwent a baseline and follow-up measure of measles antibodies. high levels of antibodies to measles virus were ...19948038324
measles in adults. an unforeseen consequence of immunization?an outbreak of measles occurred in california in the first half of 1975, especially in the san francisco bay area. of four adult patients with complicated cases, two were receiving immunosuppressive chemotherapy, and both died from a giant-cell pneumonia. the clinical presentation in such cases may be atypical, and special viral isolation and immunofluorescent techniques may be diagnostically helpful. a significant (p less than .0005) trend toward the occurrence of measles in adolescents was obs ...1976787566
dna vaccination of infants in the presence of maternal antibody: a measles model in the eradicate measles in developing nations a vaccine capable of being administered at birth may be necessary. we immunized newborn rhesus macaques with naked dna encoding the measles virus hemagglutinin, fusion and nucleoprotein genes. prior to vaccination we passively transferred measles immunoglobulin to mimic maternal antibody. in the presence or absence of measles immunoglobulin, 23 of 25 infant macaques had detectable cell mediated immunity and 16 had protective levels of neutralizing antib ...200312667815
Lack of association between childhood immunizations and encephalitis in California, 1998-2008.A number of new and combination vaccines have been introduced for children in the past two decades. Encephalitis cases occurring within defined time windows following administration of pertussis- or measles-containing vaccines are eligible for compensation by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Due to increased parental concerns about vaccine safety and potential neurologic adverse events following immunization with new and multiple vaccines administered at the same visit, our aim was to de ...201222080172
epidemic measles in young adults. clinical, epidemiologic, and serologic outbreak of measles at the university of california at los angeles provided the opportunity to study clinical, epidemiologic, and serologic characteristics of the disease in young adults in the present vaccine era. of the 34 cases studied, 18 occurred in persons who thought they were immune. fifteen of 19 seronegative students vaccinated during the epidemic responded with a secondary (igg) antibody response. antibody prevalence studies indicated that 91% of the student population had measles ...1979443682
measles outbreaks: what does it represent for the elimination strategy in the region of the americas? a call for the action.the us is experiencing a large multi-state measles outbreak that started in california in 2014. at this time, no source case for the outbreak has been identified. measles was declared eliminated in the us in 2000, because at that time, there were high coverage rates with the two-dose schedule and these vaccines have been very immunogenic. measles is still endemic in many parts of the world, and outbreaks can occur when unvaccinated groups are exposed to imported measles virus. the current multi- ...201526065443
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