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epidemic measles in a highly vaccinated population.during november, 1975, to may, 1976, measles occurred at a rate of 20.3 cases per 1000 in a purported immunized population, of whom historical and serologic survey revealed that 9 per cent had no history of either measles illness or vaccination and 18 per cent did not have detectable measles antibody. antibody was detectable in 92 per cent of those vaccinated at greater than or equal to 13 months, 80 per cent at 12 months and 67 per cent of those vaccinated when less than one year old (p less th ...197765732
multistate measles outbreak associated with an international youth sporting event--pennsylvania, michigan, and texas, august-september 2007.measles, a highly infectious viral illness, is no longer endemic in the united states because of high coverage rates with an effective vaccine. however, imported cases continue to cause illness and outbreaks among susceptible u.s. residents. in august 2007, a participant in an international youth sporting event who traveled from japan to the united states became ill with measles. because he traveled while infectious to an event with thousands of participants and spectators, an outbreak investiga ...200818288074
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