measles outbreak in a pediatric practice: airborne transmission in an office february 1981, a measles outbreak occurred in a pediatric practice in dekalb county, ga. the source case, a 12-year-old boy vaccinated against measles at 11 1/2 months of age, was in the office for one hour on the second day of rash, primarily in a single examining room. on examination, he was noted to be coughing vigorously. seven secondary cases of measles occurred due to exposure in the office. four children had transient contact with the source patient as he entered or exited through the ...19853982900
ongoing measles and rubella transmission in georgia, 2004-05: implications for the national and regional elimination 2004-05, georgia experienced large-scale concurrent measles and rubella outbreaks. we analysed measles and rubella epidemiology in georgia to describe disease trends, determine the cause of the outbreaks, identify challenges to achieving disease elimination goals and propose interventions to overcome them.200919074954
maternal immunity to measles and infant immunity at less than twelve months of age relative to maternal place of birth.sera from infants aged 5 to 11 months and from their mothers were used to investigate the level and duration of transplacentally derived measles antibody. the infants of foreign-born, inner-city mothers were more likely to have measles antibody and were less likely to get measles. infants of foreign-born mothers, because they are less likely to respond to measles vaccine, may require different vaccine strategies than infants of mothers born in the united states.19947931876
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