measles surveillance in five major us cities: chicago, houston, los angeles, miami, and new york.endemic measles, if it occurs in the united states, will likely be found in cities, because large populations are required to sustain transmission and importations of measles virus are most frequent in cities. we investigated measles surveillance systems in 5 cities (chicago, houston, los angeles, miami, new york city) during 1995-1999. the passive reporting of a measles case activated the systems to look for more cases and to intervene to prevent more cases. during 1995-1999, 1363 suspected mea ...200415106114
effect of undocumented and excluded vaccinations on measles immunity in a university population.epidemic measles has occurred even in highly vaccinated university and college populations because vaccine efficacy is only 90-95% and some student bodies do not have 100% vaccine coverage. some institutions have not adopted or enforced a one-dose, preregistration immunization requirement because of the increased administrative burden, although in 1990 a documented two-dose schedule was recommended to increase herd immunity to a critical 93.5-96.0%. perhaps one documented immunization for all st ...19938487024
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