serological survey for viral diseases in the cayo santiago rhesus macaque population.the free-ranging population of rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta) on cayo santiago was sero-surveyed for human measles, simian virus 40, b virus (herpes simiae), rhesus cytomegalovirus, human and simian retroviruses and encephalomyocarditis virus to determine the prevalence of these viruses in the colony. the results of this study indicate that the colony is free of sv40, htlviii (hiv-1), stlviii (siv) and srv1; has a low prevalence of measles and emcv; and high prevalence rates for b virus, cmv an ...19892571176
comparison of three rhesus groups for antibody patterns to some viruses: absence of active simian virus 40 transmission in the free-ranging rhesus of cayo santiago. 19694304325
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