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epidemiology of measles immunity in a population of healthcare evaluate epidemiologic factors that can be used to predict lack of measles immunity in healthcare workers.19921640097
[incidence of viral infections among the population of easter island. serological study]. 19684302729
extreme mortality after first introduction of measles virus to the polynesian island of rotuma, 1911.rotuma is an isolated polynesian island. in january 1911, most residents of rotuma (population approximately 2,600) were exposed to measles virus for the first time. the official mortality register documented 491 deaths due to all causes among rotumans during 1911 (cumulative measles-related mortality: 12.8%); most deaths occurred in april-may and were attributed to measles and its sequelae. measles-related mortality rates were higher among young children (23.4 per 100 person-years) and young ad ...201121498623
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