prevalence of measles antibodies before and after vaccination in previously unvaccinated children of the cordillera province (santa cruz department, bolivia).a study was carried out in the cordillera health district (santa cruz department, bolivia) from october 1988 to april 1989 to determine the seroprevalence of measles antibodies and the seroconversion rates among a group of previously unvaccinated children (9-36 months of age) from the urban and rural area of the province, before and after immunization with a standard dose of schwarz measles vaccine. among 265 previously unvaccinated children, 77 (29%) had measles igg antibodies prior to immuniza ...19948064946
prevalence of measles antibody among children under 15 years of age in santa cruz, bolivia: implications for vaccination strategies.we conducted a community-based survey in santa cruz city, bolivia, to determine the age-specific prevalence of measles antibodies, determine factors associated with absence of detectable measles antibodies, and to compare results of salivary and serum measles immunoglobulin g (igg) antibody assays. serum samples from 1654 children were assayed for measles igg antibody using the haemagglutination inhibition (hi) assay, and salivary samples were also obtained from 187 children and tested for measl ...19957747295
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