response to measles vaccine in haitian infants 6 to 12 months old. influence of maternal antibodies, malnutrition, and concurrent study the factors affecting the serologic response to measles vaccination, we evaluated 595 haitian infants from 6 through 12 months of age, and their mothers, at the beginning of an immunization program. thirty-four per cent of the infants had preexisting serologic evidence of measles infections by 11 months of age. among infants more than nine months of age, those who had had measles had a significantly lower nutritional status than those who had not (p less than 0.01). after vaccination, s ...19854022091
successful immunization of infants at 6 months of age with high dose edmonston-zagreb measles vaccine. cite soleil/jhu project team.a group of 2097 haitian infants 6 to 11 months of age were randomized to receive schwarz or edmonston-zagreb strain measles vaccines containing 10- to 500-fold more vaccine viral particles than standard potency vaccines. no unusual adverse reactions were noted. edmonston-zagreb vaccines were more effective than equivalent doses of schwarz vaccines as measured by the proportion of vaccinated children with measles antibody concentrations greater than or equal to 200 miu/ml 2 months after vaccinati ...19912062626
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