districts at risk for measles in el salvador.following the reintroduction of measles virus in central america through an outbreak in costa rica in 1997, el salvador's ministry of health, in october 1997, reviewed the vaccination coverage levels of children under 1 year of age in all of its 262 districts to determine which districts had not achieved coverage levels of at least 90%. the ministry subsequently organized a mop-up measles vaccination campaign for november-december 1997 in the 84 districts identified as being at high risk, targe ...199812321495
measles surveillance: el evaluation was conducted in february 1996 in el salvador to determine the capacity of the national epidemiological system to promptly detect the circulation of the measles virus in all municipalities of the country. to that end, structured interviews were conducted with health workers at 12 departmental offices, 6 hospitals, 5 health centers, 25 health units, the national office for epidemiology, the maternal and child health office of the social security department, the central virology lab ...199612347183
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