[comparative serological efficacy of the measles vaccine strains edmonston-zagreb, schwarz and aik-c in togolese infants of 4-5 months and 8-10 months].to examine the value of vaccinating children against measles at age 4-5 months three groups of children in togo were randomly assigned to receive high-dose edmonston-zagreb, high-dose schwarz, or aik-c vaccines at that age. two other groups were vaccinated at age 8-10 months, with either the standard schwarz vaccine or the same batch of aik-c as for early immunization. for the 55% of children who were seronegative before vaccination at age 4-5 months, the seroconversion rates were 96% with the a ...19911819435
qualification of long-stored samples of serum banks for seroepidemiological studies.serum samples were tested for antibodies against polio virus and measles virus from two serum banks after having been stored under different conditions for several years. the results are compared with those ones obtained immediately after sampling. despite of small increases of antibody-negative samples and of small decreases of the titres the suitability of the samples stored could be shown. special attention should be given to the establishment, e.g. in the framework of expanded programme on i ...19921293211
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