seroprevalence of measles and natural rubella antibodies among children in bangui, central african republic.abstract: background: passively acquired maternal antibodies are necessary to protect infants against circulating measles virus until they reach the eligible age of vaccination. likewise, high levels of population immunity must be achieved and maintained to reduce measles virus transmission. this study was undertaken to (1) assess the presence of maternally acquired measles-specific igg antibodies among infants less than 9 months of age in bangui, central african republic and (2) determine the i ...201121586151
cocirculation of measles virus genotype b2 and b3.1 in central african republic during the 2000 measles epidemic.many african countries have begun implementation of national programs to eliminate measles by the year 2015. however, measles continues to be endemic in africa. this study describes the first molecular epidemiological study of measles virus circulating in central african republic. two hundred and ten blood samples were tested for measles igm. sixty-seven urine samples were collected during measles outbreak in bangui in 2000 and 2004 and used for genotyping studies. two different methods were use ...200616721862
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