epidemiologic surveillance of enteric diseases in alaska--value of case investigation.patients infected by salmonella, shigella, giardia, campylobacter, yersinia, and hepatitis a virus were interviewed during a 15-month period to evaluate the benefit of intensive follow-up, to assess the proportion of cases who had contact with children less than four years of age, and to determine risk factors. of 746 reported infections, we interviewed 345 patients (46%) and identified 199 other ill people. follow-up of sporadic, passively reported cases required considerable resources, but no ...19902353745
occurrence and impact of zoonoses in pet dogs and cats at us air force bases.a descriptive epidemiologic study was conducted to quantitate the occurrence of zoonoses in pet animals (almost exclusively dogs and cats) at 30 air force bases in nine regions of the united states during 1980 and 1981. reviews of reported cases of pet-associated zoonoses in humans at these bases were included. occurrence of a zoonotic disease in dogs and cats was expressed as a ratio of reported cases per 100 rabies vaccinations (cs/crv). overall, the four zoonoses reported most frequently from ...19846496816
hematologic, serum chemistry and serologic values of dall's sheep (ovis dalli dalli) in june 1979, 73 dall's sheep were captured near tok, alaska to determine selected hematologic and serum metabolite parameters and to determine the presence of antibodies to selected pathogens. hematology and serum metabolite values were compared with values for domestic sheep and bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis). antibodies were detected against brucella sp. (4%), campylobacter feti (30%), contagious ecthyma virus (23%) and bovine parainfluenza type 3 virus (1%). antibodies were not detected aga ...19836887435
outbreak of campylobacteriosis associated with consumption of raw peas.campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide, and most cases are identified as sporadic events rather than as parts of recognized outbreaks. we report findings from a substantial 2008 campylobacteriosis outbreak with general implications for fresh produce safety.201121653299
aerobic oral and rectal bacteria of free-ranging steller sea lion pups and juveniles (eumetopias jubatus) in alaska.bacteriologic cultures from oral, rectal, and lesion samples from free-ranging steller sea lion (ssl, eumetopias jubatus) pups and juveniles in alaska (2001-2005) were examined to determine frequency of infection by a specific subset of common and pathogenic aerobic bacteria. associations between isolated bacteria and age, sex, body condition, location, and sampling season were investigated. salmonella spp. isolates were further evaluated to determine spatial clustering (n=48) and to identify se ...201122102651
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