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campylobacter enteritis from untreated water in the rocky mountains.during the summers of 1980 and 1981 campylobacter jejuni was isolated from 23% and giardia lamblia was isolated from 8% of persons with diarrheal disease acquired in the area of grand teton national park, wyoming. campylobacter enteritis occurred most frequently in young adults who had been hiking in wilderness areas and was significantly associated with drinking untreated surface water in the week before illness (p less than 0.02 in 1980; p less than 0.005 in 1981). penner serotype 4 was the co ...19836859722
serologic survey for infectious pathogens in free-ranging american bison.from november 1991 through march 1992, we evaluated 101 free-ranging american bison (bison bison) from yellowstone national park, wyoming (usa) for exposure to infectious organisms that commonly infect cattle. no titers were detected for bluetongue virus, bovine leukemia virus, or campylobacter fetus in these 101 bison. detectable antibodies occurred against anaplasma marginale (eight of 76, 11%), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (31 of 101, 31%), bovine viral diarrhea (31 of 101, 31%), bovine ...19979131564
outbreak of occupational campylobacteriosis associated with a pheasant farm.a cluster of campylobacteriosis cases occurred at a pheasant farm in rural wyoming during the summer of 2000. this study examined the potential causes of the outbreak. a cohort study of all farm workers was conducted to assess foodborne and occupational exposures at the facility. eight of fifteen workers (53%) became ill, and four were stool-culture positive for campylobacter jejuni. high attack rates were noted among workers who had direct contact with pheasant feces and first-time workers at t ...200415216652
brief report: gastroenteritis among attendees at a summer camp--wyoming, june-july 2006.on july 19, 2006, the environmental protection agency (epa) notified the wyoming department of health (wdh) of an escherichia coli-positive well-water sample, indicating fecal contamination, that had been submitted from a wyoming summer youth camp after the camp manager noticed cases of gastroenteritis among campers and staff members. this report describes the subsequent investigation by wdh, the wyoming department of agriculture (wda), and the wyoming department of environmental quality (wdeq), ...200717443123
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