comparison of three time-series models for predicting campylobacteriosis risk.three time-series models (regression, decomposition, and box-jenkins autoregressive integrated moving averages) were applied to national surveillance data for campylobacteriosis with the goal of disease forecasting in three us states. datasets spanned 1998-2007 for minnesota and oregon, and 1999-2007 for georgia. year 2008 was used to validate model results. mean absolute percent error, mean square error and coefficient of determination (r2) were the main evaluation fit statistics. results showe ...201020092672
reactive arthritis following culture-confirmed infections with bacterial enteric pathogens in minnesota and oregon: a population-based describe the epidemiology and clinical spectrum of reactive arthritis (rea) following culture-confirmed infection with bacterial enteric pathogens in a population-based study in the usa.200818272671
incidence of foodborne illnesses reported by the foodborne diseases active surveillance network (foodnet)-1997. foodnet working 1997, the foodborne diseases active surveillance program (foodnet) conducted active surveillance for culture-confirmed cases of campylobacter, escherichia coli o157, listeria, salmonella, shigella, vibrio, yersinia, cyclospora, and cryptosporidium in five emerging infections program sites. foodnet is a collaborative effort of the centers for disease control and prevention's national center for infectious diseases, the united states department of agriculture's food safety and inspection servic ...200010852576
raw-milk-associated illness--oregon, california. 19816789131
campylobacter infections in the united states. results of an 11-state january 1982, 11 states (alabama, arizona, georgia, illinois, minnesota, new mexico, oregon, texas, vermont, washington, and wisconsin) began reporting monthly their isolations of campylobacter to the centers for disease control in atlanta. the information reported included the species of campylobacter organisms, the week of the report, the site from which the organism was isolated, and the age and sex of the infected person. a total of 3,966 isolates were reported in 1982, of which 3,900 wer ...19846087756
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