epidemiology of helicobacter pylori in an asymptomatic population in the united states. effect of age, race, and socioeconomic status.a causative role is now accepted for helicobacter (formerly campylobacter) pylori in type b gastritis, and evidence is accumulating that h. pylori infection plays a major contributory role in peptic ulcer disease. preliminary studies have reported that the prevalence of h. pylori infection increases with age, but detailed information on the prevalence of the bacteria in any defined population and on the factors that may influence the pattern of distribution remains scanty. in the present study, ...19912019355
cryptosporidiosis in a day-care center.cryptosporidiosis has typically been considered a disease of animals, and the occasional human case has been considered a rare zoonosis or evidence of immunoincompetence. in this report, person-to-person transmission is postulated for illness documented in two of five rooms of a day-care center. of 46 persons (34 children and 12 staff members), 29 (63%) became ill, and 27 (58.7%) had cryptosporidium in their stools. symptoms in children included diarrhea (55%), weight loss (25%), flatulence (15% ...19892734710
etiology and epidemiology of diarrheal diseases in the united states.accurate data on the frequency of acute diarrheal illness and the distribution of pathogens are not available for several reasons, including the facts that only a small fraction of cases come to the attention of physicians and that available diagnostic tests establish an etiology in only about half of these. in a survey of three groups of patients in a community (upper-middle class and lower class outpatients and hospitalized infants), a possible cause was found in fewer than 20 percent of outpa ...19853893118
campylobacter infections in the united states. results of an 11-state january 1982, 11 states (alabama, arizona, georgia, illinois, minnesota, new mexico, oregon, texas, vermont, washington, and wisconsin) began reporting monthly their isolations of campylobacter to the centers for disease control in atlanta. the information reported included the species of campylobacter organisms, the week of the report, the site from which the organism was isolated, and the age and sex of the infected person. a total of 3,966 isolates were reported in 1982, of which 3,900 wer ...19846087756
campylobacter jejuni enterocolitis in texas: a clinical and epidemiologic survey. 19846515572
newly recognized infectious diseases in texas. 19807444812
prevalence of campylobacter, salmonella, and arcobacter species at slaughter in market age pigs.a survey was conducted to determine the prevalence of campylobacter, salmonella, and arcobacter species in market age pigs from an integrated swine operation in texas. our findings indicate that farms from this commercial operation were heavily contaminated with campylobacter and salmonella, that the isolation rates of c. jejuni were higher than predicted, and that there was a low prevalence of arcobacter.199910659364
prevalence of campylobacter spp isolated from the intestinal tract of pigs raised in an integrated swine production enumerate the prevalence of campylobacter isolates in the intestinal tract of market-weight swine raised in an integrated swine operation in texas.199914567422
effects of feed-supplementation and hide-spray application of two sources of tannins on enteric and hide bacteria of feedlot cattle.pathogenic bacteria attached to the hide or shed in the feces of cattle at slaughter can contaminate carcasses intended to be processed for human consumption. therefore, new pre-harvest interventions are needed to prevent the carriage and excretion of foodborne pathogens in cattle presented to the processing plant. the objectives of this study were to examine the antimicrobial effects of hydrolysable tannin-rich chestnut and condensed tannin-rich mimosa extracts on bacterial indicators of foodbo ...201121547824
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