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campylobacter: etiologic agent of bacterial enteritis. 19883183797
aeromonas-associated gastroenteritis in children.during a 20-month period 55 strains of aeromonas species were isolated from 53 children with diarrhea. the isolation rate of 2.5% for aeromonas compared with the rates of 4.5% for shigella, 3.3% for salmonella, 2.7% for campylobacter and 0.05% for yersinia. in 45 children aeromonas was the sole bacterial enteropathogen identified. aeromonas was also isolated from 2 (0.5%) of 380 asymptomatic children. despite its known lack of identifiable virulence properties, aeromonas caviae was the most prev ...19883340460
outbreak of campylobacter enteritis associated with cross-contamination of food--oklahoma, 1996.on august 29, 1996, the jackson county health department (jchd) in southwestern oklahoma notified the oklahoma state department of health (osdh) of a cluster of campylobacter jejuni infections that occurred during august 16-20 among persons who had eaten lunch at a local restaurant on august 15. this report summarizes the investigation of these cases and indicates that c. jejuni infection was most likely acquired from eating lettuce cross-contaminated with raw chicken. this report also emphasize ...19989498294
campylobacter enteritis: it could happen to you! 19989580737
from the centers for disease control and prevention. outbreak of campylobacter enteritis associated with cross-contamination of food--oklahoma, 1996. 19989582032
fecal shedding of foodborne pathogens by florida-born heifers and steers in u.s. beef production segments.the objective in this study was to assess breed effects in fecal prevalence of escherichia coli o157:h7 in heifers on a development program in florida and in their steer half siblings in stocker and feedlot phases in oklahoma. a secondary objective was to characterize fecal shedding of campylobacter and salmonella in subsets of the same samples. after weaning, heifers (n = 501; purebreds and f1 crosses of angus, brahman, and romosinuano) were preconditioned and placed in a local development prog ...200818468037
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