prevalence of campylobacter in wild birds of the mid-atlantic region, usa.we evaluated the occurrence of three campylobacter species--c. jejuni, c. coli, and c. lari--from 333 wild bird fecal samples collected at tri-state bird rescue and research in newark, delaware, in 2008. using multiplex polymerase chain reaction, we detected c. jejuni from six avian families with an overall prevalence rate of 7.2%. we did not detect any other campylobacter species. campylobacter jejuni prevalence ranged widely between different avian families with crows (corvidae) and gulls (lar ...201121719846
environmental determinants of campylobacteriosis risk in philadelphia from 1994 to 2007.campylobacter species infections are a common cause of acute gastroenteritis, and may uncommonly be complicated by renal, neurological, and rheumatologic sequelae. although excess summertime campylobacteriosis has been observed, environmental mechanisms driving disease seasonality are poorly understood. we sought to evaluate the relationship between environmental factors and campylobacteriosis risk in a major north american metropolitan area. we evaluated 1532 cases of campylobacteriosis reporte ...200919953295
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