isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility of campylobacter coli and campylobacter jejuni from slaughter hogs.cultural examination of cecal contents from 109 market weight hogs slaughtered in prince edward island during may-july 1988 yielded 62 isolates of campylobacter coli and seven campylobacter jejuni. a commercial latex agglutination test helped to confirm the identification of campylobacter. when tested against four drugs: erythromycin, tetracycline, kanamycin and ampicillin, 11 isolates showed multiple resistance. resistance to erythromycin was seen in 19% and 28.6% of campylobacter coli and camp ...19902308529
bacterial flora of free-living double-crested cormorant (phalacrocorax auritus) chicks on prince edward island, canada, with reference to enteric bacteria and antibiotic resistance.cloacal and pharyngeal swabs from 100 tree-nesting double-crested cormorant (dcc) chicks were examined by culture for commensal and potentially pathogenic bacteria. no salmonella or erysipelothrix were isolated from the cloacal swabs. twenty-two cloacal swabs were positive for campylobacter, of which 14 were c. jejuni, c. coli, and 1 c. lari. none belonged to common serotypes isolated from humans or animals in recent years in canada. tests for antimicrobial drug resistance among 187 commensal es ...200515563955
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