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[incidence of campylobacter spp. and salmonella spp. in raw and roasted chicken in guadalajara, mexico].the presence of campylobacter spp. and salmonella was studied in 70 samples of fresh retail chicken pieces and in 40 samples of roast chicken. total plate count was performed in every sample as well. most of the samples of fresh chicken yielded total plate counts > 10(8)/piece (thigh), while in roast chicken these counts ranged from 10(3) to 10(5)/piece (leg and thigh). campylobacter was isolated from 33% of fresh chicken and from no sample of roast chicken. salmonella was isolated from 69% of f ...19938066332
[utility of studying feces for the diagnosis and management of infants and preschool children with acute diarrhea].to analyze the results of a stool work-up protocol in a series of infants and preschoolers with acute diarrhea.200212216520
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