the etiology of childhood diarrhea in northern coastal peru: the 1989 fuerzas unidas humanitarian civic action--a model for international and interservice cooperation, community service, and scientific a humanitarian civic action project, american and peruvian military medical personnel established a temporary clinic in dos palos, peru. fecal specimens from 20 diarrheic children and 10 non-diarrheic controls were tested for common agents of diarrhea. enteropathogens detected in diarrheic stools were enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec; 30%), aeromonas (20%), enteropathogenic e. coli (15%), and campylobacter (15%). isolates from control specimens were aeromonas (10%) and campylobacter (10 ...19911956529
the etiology of diarrhea among american adults living in peru.during 1984-1989, 655 diarrheic and 287 nondiarrheic stool specimens from adult u.s. citizens living in lima, peru were tested for presence of bacterial enteropathogens. frequencies of isolation among diarrheic specimens were: shigella 9.8%; campylobacter 6.1%; enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) 6.0%; plesiomonas 2.0%; salmonella 1.4%; and vibrio 0.6%. isolates recovered from non-diarrheic stools were: shigella 4.5%; campylobacter 2.1%; salmonella 1.0%; etec 0.7%; plesiomonas 0.7%; and vibr ...19911961431
measles-associated diarrhea in hospitalized children in lima, peru: pathogenic agents and impact on growth.because the causes of measles-associated diarrhea are not well known, 0- to 5-year-old children presenting to the hospital with measles-associated diarrhea (cases, n = 77) or acute diarrhea only (controls, n = 77) were compared. growth and diarrheal morbidity were evaluated for 1 month after acute illness. campylobacter jejuni was more frequently isolated from cases (31%) than controls (16%; p = .03). rotavirus was absent in all cases versus 28% of controls (p less than .001). incidence density ...19911995722
incidence and etiology of infantile diarrhea and major routes of transmission in huascar, studies of diarrhea etiology and epidemiology were carried out from july 1982-june 1984 in 153 infants residing in a poor peri-urban community near lima, peru. study infants had nearly 10 episodes of diarrhea in their first year of life. diarrhea episodes were associated with organisms such as campylobacter jejuni, enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic escherichia coli, shigella, rotavirus, and cryptosporidium. these organisms appeared to be transmitted to infants in the home thro ...19892646919
paediatric campylobacter diarrhoea from household exposure to live chickens in lima, peru.although campylobacter jejuni is a frequent enteropathogen in cases of paediatric diarrhoea in developing countries, its route of transmission is not well understood. an age-matched, case-control study of children with c. jejuni diarrhoea was therefore carried out in lima, peru, from january 1983 to april 1986 to identify the risk factors and vehicles of transmissions. as cases, 104 children less than 3 years of age were selected and compared with controls of the same age with non-gastrointestin ...19883262442
[campylobacter pyloridis and socioeconomic levels].the purpose of this study was to determine if there was any relationship between the socio-economic level of patients and the colonization of the stomach by campylobacter pyloridis. we have studied 256 patients who underwent esophagogastroduodenoscopy because they had upper gastrointestinal symptoms of this group, 143 from arzobispo loayza hospital (38 males and 105 females) and 122 from the private practice of three of the authors (77 males and 45 females). the ages ranged from 16 to 75 years ( ...19873442181
diarrheal disease in peru after the introduction of cholera.surveillance was conducted one day each week from december 1992 through may 1993 to determine the clinical features and etiology of diarrhea among a population in a suburban community of lima, peru. patients who had had three or more loose stools during the previous 24 hr were enrolled at a clinic located in the community or at a nearby regional hospital. a total of 143 cases of diarrhea were detected for an overall rate of 7.1 cases per 1,000 population. the enteropathogens isolated were vibrio ...19947985750
etiologies and manifestations of persistent diarrhea in adults with hiv-1 infection: a case-control study in lima, peru.objective we sought to determine the etiologies, manifestations, and risk factors for persistent (> or =7 days) diarrhea in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (hiv-1)-infected persons in peru.200415592997
outbreak of gastroenteritis at a peruvian naval april of 2003, an outbreak of gastroenteritis was reported in a training command (centro de instrucción técnica y entrenamiento naval (citen)) at a peruvian naval base located near lima, peru. the naval medical research center detachment, in collaboration with the national peruvian naval hospital, conducted an investigation to determine the causative agent and potential source of the outbreak. between april 3 and 5, 172 (16%) of 1,092 military trainees reported to the citen clinic with diarrh ...200617153548
age-related susceptibility to infection with diarrheagenic escherichia coli among infants from periurban areas in lima, peru.diarrheagenic escherichia coli strains are being recognized as important pediatric enteropathogens worldwide. however, it is unclear whether there are differences in age-related susceptibility to specific strains, especially among infants.200919857163
fecal contamination of shanty town toddlers in households with non-corralled poultry, lima, peru.we used direct observer techniques to measure the frequency with which toddler-aged children were contaminated by poultry feces in homes in a peri-urban shanty town in lima, peru. the mean number of fowl was 5.4 (sd 3.1), with 10.0 (sd 10.7) poultry defecations per 12 hours. toddlers' hand contact with poultry feces occurred a mean of 2.9 (sd 3.0) times/12 hours. a mean of 3.9 (sd 4.6) feces-to-mouth episodes per household/12 hours occurred both by direct hand-to-mouth contamination and indirect ...19902297055
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