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[campylobacter enteritis in western sicily. remarks on 35 cases].campylobacter spp is the main cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in the developed countries, resulting mainly from the contamination of poultry and animal products. pathogenesis remains unclear. various clinical features ranging from watery diarrhoea in apyrexia to dysentery in hyperpyrexia may be the result of differences between strains in the expression of different pathogenetic factors. there are many difficulties in isolating the bacteria in question.200415729013
[clinical and microbiological features of salmonella gastroenteritis in children].the aim of our study was to evaluate the role of salmonella spp in children hospitalised for acute gastroenteritis, and to study clinical and microbiological features of paediatric salmonellosis in our geographical area. in all, 540 patients admitted from march to september 2003 with symptoms of acute enteritis to the infectious diseases department of the "g. di cristina" hospital in palermo were enrolled. stool samples were collected within 48 hours of admission and tested for intestinal pathog ...200717515672
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