[salmonella occurrence in the erfurt district].annually in the district erfurt 7 percent of all reported diarrhoeal illnesses were microbiologically identified. salmonellosis, shigellosis and campylobacter infections dominate. between 1986 and 1987 a strong increase of salmonellosis were registered, which was caused by s. enteritidis in 70% of the cases and associated with the consumption of eggs or other products, which were manufactured from eggs contaminated with s. enteritidis.19892692309
[occurrence of campylobacter coli in a central boar breeding facility in thuringia].investigating the cause of an outbreak of mild diarrhoea in a boar rearing unit with about 750 animals, c. coli was found in all diseased animals, i.e. it was isolated from the intestines of culled boars and from faeces samples; often the amount of c. coli was very high. the intragastric application of c. coli to 5 weaning pigs (about 35 kg) resulted in the shedding of large numbers of c. coli via the faeces at days 3 and 5 post infectionem only. the development of the animals was undisturbed du ...19921575669
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