campylobacter enteritis in brussels. 197876138
investigation of an outbreak of campylobacter upsaliensis in day care centers in brussels: analysis of relationships among isolates by phenotypic and genotypic typing outbreak of campylobacter upsaliensis in four brussels day care centers (a, b-1, b-2, and c) affected 44 children. diarrhea was the major symptom. from january 1991 to june 1992, the outbreak strain was isolated from 3, 1, and 21 (of 68) children in centers a, b-1, and b-2, respectively, and from 19 of 22 children in center c, igg, igm, and iga antibodies were detected by western blotting of serum specimens of 9 of 10 and 13 of 16 children in centers b-2 and c, respectively. strains were type ...19957594667
a campylobacter coli foodborne outbreak in may 1995, the scientific institute of public health was informed of an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness in a congregational school in the brussels area. the field investigation identified 24 cases with mild to severe gastrointestinal and general symptoms of acute bacterial enterocolitis. campylobacter coli was detected in the stools of 5 patients. a retrospective cohort study suggested that a mixed salad (containing ham and feta cheese) was the probable source of infection, but the route ...200011484421
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