acute gastroenteritis in children attending day-care centres with special reference to rotavirus infections. i. aetiology and epidemiologic aspects.acute gastroenteritis (ge) among 214 children (aged 6 months-7 years) attending day-care centres (ddcs) in the copenhagen county was studied during a 12-month period. a total of 197 cases of ge was observed in 109 children (i.e. 51% of the participants). the aetiology was as follows: rotavirus (n = 48) (24%), pathogenic bacteria (n = 11) (6%), giardia lamblia (n = 3) (2%), while the aetiology of 68% remains unknown. the pathogenic bacteria included yersinia enterocolitica, thermophilic campyloba ...19873661178
an outbreak of campylobacter jejuni associated with consumption of chicken, copenhagen, may/june 2005 an outbreak of diarrhoeal illness occurred among company employees in copenhagen. cases were reported from seven of eight companies that received food from the same catering kitchen. stool specimens from three patients from two companies were positive for campylobacter jejuni. we performed a retrospective cohort study among employees exposed to canteen food in the three largest companies to identify the source of the outbreak and to prevent further spread. using self-administere ...200616757851
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