evaluation of a pcr assay for the detection and identification of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli in retail poultry products.a pcr-based method was applied to campylobacter detection in poultry samples at the retail level. in total, 73 retail poultry samples purchased from supermarkets in the basque country area in the north of spain were examined using both culture and molecular (alternative) methods. in our routine method, the worldwide iso 10272:1995 standard of preston broth incubated at 42 degrees c for conventional campylobacter detection was adopted. the molecular method was comprised of a dna extraction kit co ...200515862456
a survey of food-borne pathogens in free-range poultry farms.a survey of the occurrence of campylobacter, salmonella, listeria and shiga toxin-producing e. coli was performed on 60 flocks of free-range chicken from 34 farms in the basque country (northern spain). campylobacter was the most prevalent of the four pathogens, isolated in 70.6% of the farms, followed by l. monocytogenes (26.5%), and salmonella (2.9%). no e. coli o157 or other stec were isolated. in total 48 flocks from 26 farms were positive for at least one pathogen: 31 of them for a single p ...200818234386
comparison of campylobacter fla-svr genotypes isolated from humans and poultry in three european regions.the genetic diversity of campylobacter isolated from human infection and from poultry was assessed in strains originating in three different european regions in order to compare these two hosts and to investigate european regional differences.200919627478
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