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real-time quantitative pcr of staphylococcus aureus and application in restaurant meals.staphylococcus aureus is considered the second most common pathogen to cause outbreaks of food poisoning, exceeded only by campylobacter. consumption of foods containing this microorganism is often identified as the cause of illness. in this study, a rapid, reliable, and sensitive real-time quantitative pcr was developed and compared with conventional culture methods. real-time quantitative pcr was carried out by purifying dna extracts of s. aureus with a staphylococcus sample preparation kit an ...200616416907
[infectious acute gastroenteritis in the emergency department of an urban hospital].to examine the etiology, clinical, analytical and evolutionary characteristics of gastroenteritis in the pediatric population in the emergency department of dr. peset university hospital in health care area 10 in valencia, spain, over a 1-year period (2005).200818447986
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