prevalence of virulence markers of enteric campylobacter in france and tunisia.forty-nine strains of campylobacter jejuni and c. coli were isolated from the stools of 49 patients clinically documented for diarrhoea and fever, and living either in the paris metropolitan area (30) or in the tunis area (19). the strains were identified biotyped, serotyped and studied for association with hela cells and the ability to elongate chinese ovary cells (cho). the c. jejuni biotype i was more frequent among tunisian strains and the c. jejuni biotype ii was more frequent among french ...19911947431
[campylobacter in acute diarrhea of infants].investigation of c. jejuni, c. coli has been realised on 280 babies in tunis, 123 of them do not present any diarrhea. the global frequency of campylobacter isolated is 4.64%. concerning babies with diarrhea, the frequency is 4.45%, whereas it is 4.86% in the group without diarrhea. a similar frequency of c. jejuni and c. coli appears in the two groups.19853836778
[etiology of acute diarrhea in children].170 children aged a few days to six years underwent outpatient examinations at a maternal-child health center in tunis for acute diarrhea between july and september 1986. examination and analysis of stool samples led to positive identification of etiology in 59 cases, or 34.5%. 27 cases were of bacterial origin, including 4 cases of salmonella, 7 of shigella, 8 of campylobacter, and 8 of e. coli. 21 cases of rotavirus were isolated, including 2 in which campylobacter were also observed, and o ...19948203026
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