[bacterial etiologies of acute infantile diarrhea in dakar].systematic research into all the bacterial etiological agents responsible for acute diarrhoea was undertaken on 276 diarrhoea stools collected from children aged 0-5 years. particular attention was given to finding bacterial agents usually overlooked during routine checks: campylobacter, vibrionaceae and yersinia enterocolitica.19892491376
[causes of infectious gastro-enteritis in children in dakar].between february 1983 and may 1988, 1,157 stools from children aged under 15 years presenting with diarrhoea and admitted to a paediatric hospital in dakar, senegal, were examined for the presence of bacterial and parasitic agents. we looked for campylobacter and rotavirus in only 245 and 111 samples respectively. enterobacteria were detected most frequently (162/264; 61.3 per cent). among these, we found 92 (34.8 per cent) strains of enteropathogenic e. coli; 40 strains (15.1 per cent) of salmo ...19892555813
risk factors for contamination of ready-to-eat street-vended poultry dishes in dakar, senegal.our objective was to investigate the salmonella and campylobacter contamination of traditional ready-to-eat street-vended poultry dishes and to assess the association of some restaurant characteristics and cooking practices with the contamination of these meals. one hundred and forty-eight street-restaurants were studied from january 2003 to april 2004 in dakar. a questionnaire was submitted to the managers, and samples of ready-to-eat poultry dishes were taken. salmonella spp. was isolated in 2 ...200516083818
analysis of topoisomerase mutations in fluoroquinolone-resistant and -susceptible campylobacter jejuni strains isolated in this study, topoisomerase mutations in ciprofloxacin-resistant and -susceptible campylobacter jejuni were analysed by dna sequencing. in certain ciprofloxacin-resistant c. jejuni, the mechanism of resistance was complex. the thr86-ala substitution in the gyra protein appears to play a role in increasing the minimum inhibitory concentration of nalidixic acid only. in addition, isolates with this amino acid change and those resistant to quinolones but lacking a mutation in the gyra quinolone re ...200717224260
risk factors for campylobacter spp. infection in senegalese broiler-chicken flocks.our objective was to identify the risk factors for campylobacter infection in senegalese broiler flocks. seventy broiler farms were studied around dakar from january 2000 to december 2001 around dakar. a questionnaire was administered to the farmers, and samples of fresh droppings were taken to assess the flocks' campylobacter status. about 63% of the flocks were infected by campylobacter spp.; campylobacter jejuni was the most-prevalent species (p < 0.05). an elevated risk of campylobacter infe ...200415219966
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