campylobacter pyloridis infection in auckland patients with gastritis.a prospective study of 53 patients was undertaken to determine the presence of campylobacter pyloridis infection in patients undergoing endoscopy at auckland hospital. twenty-four patients (47%) were infected with c pyloridis. twenty-three of the 28 patients with active chronic gastritis and one of the seven patients with chronic gastritis were infected. none of the 17 patients with normal antral histology were infected. infection was significantly correlated with active chronic gastritis (p les ...19863464874
yersinia enterocolitica is a common cause of gastroenteritis in auckland.infections with yersinia enterocolitica are a significant cause of gastroenteritis in many countries, however, little information is available on the incidence of human disease in new zealand. a study was performed between january 1988 and december 1993 to investigate aspects of the epidemiology of yersiniosis in the auckland region including prevalence, age and sex distribution, strain definition and seasonal occurrence.19957637924
campylobacteriosis in new zealand: results of a case-control identify and assess the contributions of major risk factors for campylobacteriosis in new zealand.19979519133
contamination of potable roof-collected rainwater in auckland, new and twenty-five domestic roof-collected rainwater supplies in four rural auckland districts were investigated in a cross-sectional survey to determine water quality. samples of cold faucet water were analysed for physico-chemical and microbiological determinands, including metals (zinc, copper and lead), bacterial indicator organisms--heterotrophic plate count (hpc), total coilforms (tc), faecal coliforms (fc), enterococci (ent), bacterial pathogens including salmonella spp., legione ...200111317899
the regionality of campylobacteriosis seasonality in new zealand has one of the highest incidences of campylobacteriosis in the developed world, which leads a global trend of increasing notifications of campylobacter infections over the last decade. foodborne and waterborne transmission have been implicated as significant mechanisms in the complex ecology of the disease in new zealand. we examined both regional and temporal variation in notification rates to gain some insight into the role of the new zealand environments in modifying disease incid ...200314594700
counts of campylobacter spp. and prevalence of salmonella associated with new zealand broiler common with many other countries around the world, the most frequently reported cause of gastrointestinal illness in new zealand is campylobacteriosis. the poultry industry and regulatory agencies are working to address this. similarly, the control of salmonella on poultry has been a focus of industry and regulatory agencies for some time. however, recent data are limited on the prevalence of campylobacter and salmonella on retail chicken products in new zealand. a survey was carried out to d ...200819244909
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