[the leading routes and factors in the transmission of the causative agent of campylobacteriosis under current conditions].epidemiological investigations carried out at the foci of campylobacter infection in moscow and the moscow region in 1987-1990 demonstrated that campylobacter infection was recently registered as sporadic cases in a few foci. the alimentary route of the transmission of this infection was the main factor of its spread. a high role of everyday contacts in the spread of this infection was noted. the possibility for outbreaks and sporadic cases of campylobacter infection to be masked by very frequen ...19921301659
[quantitative correlation of the content of campylobacter and sanitary indicative bacteria in surface water].quantitative relations between campylobacteria and sanitary indicating bacteria in surface waters were studied. a correlation between numbers of campylobacteria and lactose-positive bacteria was revealed.19938307399
distribution and characterization of campylobacter spp. from russian poultry.the distribution of campylobacter spp. on 13 poultry farms (broiler chicken, quail, pheasant, peacock, and turkey) from eight regions (vladimir, vologda, voronezh, kaluga, liptsk, moscow, orenburg, and orel) in russia was surveyed. intestinal materials were plated onto campylobacter-selective medium and plates were incubated microaerobically at 42 degrees c for 24 or 48 h. identification was based on colonial morphology, microscopic examination, and biochemical tests; latex agglutination assays ...200414968953
[clinico-epidemiologic aspects of campylobacteriosis in moscow and moscow province].the clinical course and epidemiological features of campylobacteriosis in moscow and moscow province in 1986-1987 are described. the specific proportion of this infection in the structure of acute enteric infections is, on the average, 4.8%. the level of campylobacter contamination of animals and birds and their role in the spread of campylobacteriosis have been established. the possible ways and factors of the transfer of this infection are discussed.19892531523
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