distribution and characterization of campylobacter spp. from russian poultry.the distribution of campylobacter spp. on 13 poultry farms (broiler chicken, quail, pheasant, peacock, and turkey) from eight regions (vladimir, vologda, voronezh, kaluga, liptsk, moscow, orenburg, and orel) in russia was surveyed. intestinal materials were plated onto campylobacter-selective medium and plates were incubated microaerobically at 42 degrees c for 24 or 48 h. identification was based on colonial morphology, microscopic examination, and biochemical tests; latex agglutination assays ...200414968953
[the epidemiological characteristics of single cases of campylobacteriosis in urban inhabitants].the results of the analysis of the epidemic situation in campylobacter infection and the epidemiological markers of the strains of the infective agent have demonstrated that campylobacter infection, registered as single cases among the residents of vologda, has an epidemic character. an intensive and uncontrolled process among fowl (chickens) and the absence of effective measures of specific prophylaxis make it necessary that a system of hygienic measures be given priority in the complex of meas ...19947992531
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