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campylobacter jejuni in hospitalized children with diarrhoea in chiang mai, this hospital based study, campylobacter jejuni, although endemic in northern thailand was not found in a significantly higher percentage of diarrhoea than in control children. it was isolated from the stools of 14 of 208 diarrhoea (6.7%) and 6 of 108 (5.5%) control patients. ten of the 14 positive diarrhoea cases were mixed infections, other pathogens isolated simultaneously were enteropathogenic e. coli 4x, shigella spp. 3x, salmonella spp. 4x, rotavirus 3x, plesiomonas shigelloides 1x and ...19863738608
the relative importance of various enteropathogens as a cause of diarrhoea in hospitalized children in chiang mai, thailand.a study of 208 children aged under 15 hospitalized with diarrhea and 108 matched controls was conducted at chiang mai university hospital, chiang mai, thailand from may 1983 to april 1984 to investigate the incidence, seasonal distribution, and causative agents of diarrhea. 1 or more enteropathogens were isolated from 121 (58%) diarrhea patients and from 32 (30%) controls. in diarrhea patients, shigella spp. were most frequently isolated (22%) followed by enteropathogenic escherichia coli (epe ...19863794260
campylobacter in food animals and humans in northern thailand.cross-sectional, longitudinal, and case-control studies were conducted to describe the epidemiology of campylobacter in chickens, swine, dairy cows, farm workers, nonfarm residents, and children with diarrhea. samples were collected in chiang mai and lamphung provinces of northern thailand from 2000 through 2003. a total of 2,360 samples were processed. results from the cross-sectional study indicated that the prevalences of campylobacter in chickens at the farm, slaughterhouse, and market were ...200516355821
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