epidemiology of diarrhea among expatriate residents living in a highly endemic determine the etiology of diarrhea among expatriate residents living in a developing country and identify risk factors for travelers' diarrhea that are difficult to evaluate in tourist populations.19968606474
evaluation of rapid diagnostic methods for pediatric viral diarrhea using samples collected in nepal and japan.we evaluated real time pcr, elisa and immunochromatography (icg) test systems for detection of diarrheagenic viruses (rotavirus, adenovirus and norovirus) in pediatric diarrheal fecal samples collected in kathmandu, nepal (n = 23) and in kobe, japan (n = 25) in summer of 2004. of the 23 samples collected in nepal, one (4.3%) was positive for rotavirus and two (8.7%) for adenovirus whereas six out of 25 samples (24.0%) collected in japan were positive for norovirus. of the japanese samples, 11 (4 ...200416295734
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