campylobacter diarrhea in children in hundred and fifty two stool samples from patients belonging to the pediatric age group clinically diagnosed as acute diarrhea/dysentery were processed for thermophilic campylobacters. c. jejuni was isolated from 9 samples (5.9%). five of the c. jejuni isolates were from children who presented with bloody diarrhea and 4 were from those who had watery diarrhoea. though the pathogenic role of c. jejuni in these cases is not proved, this study indicates the prevalence of the organism in trivandr ...19892632438
Quantification of polyphenols during retting and characterization of bacteria from the Kadinamkulam Backwaters, Kerala.The retting environment which provides a competitive niche for specialized microbes is speculated to harbour a variety of microbes with high biodegradation potential. In this context, an effort has been made to isolate and identify bacterial species having high tolerance to phenol In vitro. Maximum polyphenol (1.897 mg l(-1)) as observed during the initial period of retting, which decreased as retting proceeded. Based on biochemical characterization, the isolated bacterial strains were identifie ...201121888245
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