isolation of campylobacter spp from the river ganga in varanasi. 19883397155
a community study on the aetiology of childhood diarrhoea with special reference to campylobacter jejuni in a semiurban slum of varanasi, a community study of 607 diarrhoeal and 529 non-diarrhoeal (control) patients less than 5 years old carried out between august 1988 and july 1989, the campylobacter jejuni isolation rate was 4% in the diarrhoeal and 0.9% in the control group. it was the second most common bacterial enteropathogen isolated after escherichia coli. its incidence was more common among 1-2 year old children (4.8%) and during rainy season (july-october). features of dysentery were absent in c. jejuni diarrhoea. fin ...19938263306
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