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frequency of campylobacter jejuni in diarrhoea/dysentery in children in rawalpindi and determine the frequency of campylobacter jejuni infection in children suffering from diarrhoea/dysentery in the department of microbiology, army medical college and military hospital, rawalpindi, from 29 august 2002 to 29 november 2002.200314738256
prevalence of campylobacter species in meat, milk and other food commodities in pakistan.a surveillance study was carried out to determine the prevalence of campylobacter in meat, milk and other food commodities in pakistan. over a period of 3 years (january 2002-december 2004), a total of 1636 food samples of meat, milk and other food commodities were procured from three big cities of pakistan (faisalabad, lahore and islamabad) and were analysed. among meat samples, the highest prevalence (48%) of campylobacter was recorded in raw chicken meat followed by raw beef (10.9%) and raw m ...200717188200
accuracy of non-invasive 13c-urea breath test compared to invasive tests for helicobacter pylori compare the sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value (ppv) of histology, campylobacter-like organism (clo) test, culture and 13c-urea breath test (ubt) for the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection.200717288853
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