prevalence of antibiotic resistance in campylobacter isolates from commercial poultry suppliers in kwazulu-natal, south africa.campylobacter jejuni isolated from broiler and layer chickens from registered abattoirs in kwazulu-natal, south africa, were tested for their susceptibility to eight antibiotics.200818819970
observational study of the prevalence and antibiotic resistance of campylobacter spp. from different poultry production systems in kwazulu-natal, south africa.campylobacter bacteria are important foodborne pathogens that cause acute diarrheal illness, and infection is often associated with contaminated poultry. in a blind observational study, the prevalence and resistance profiles of thermophilic campylobacter strains collected from different poultry production systems were tested against the clinically used antibiotics ciprofloxacin, tetracycline, erythromycin, gentamicin, and streptomycin. campylobacter strains were isolated from chickens in rural ...201222221370
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