[infectious diseases in poland in 2006].over last decade problem of infectious diseases in poland remains stable with trends of decreasing incidence of most reported infectious diseases. in particular there was observed decrease in incidence of tuberculosis and foodborne infections causes by salmonella sp. on the other hand it was observed increase of reported foodborne infections caused by campylobacter and yersinia as well and viral ones caused by noroviruses and rotaviruses. despite marked increase of diagnosed and reported cases s ...200818807459
[infectious diseases in poland in 2008].for several years many infectious diseases in poland show decrease in incidence, a some vaccine preventable like poliomyelitis and diphtheria are completely absent or like measles hale very low incidence. widening of the program of obligatory vaccinations caused decrease of incidence of diseases dependent on hib infections and also of mumps and rubella. though rubella incidence in poland remains one of the highest in europe. despite constant decease of incidence of tuberculosis it is still about ...201020731212
[Infectious diseases in Poland in 2009].With introduction of the new law on infectious diseases has decreased the number of infectious diseases subject to mandatory reporting. At the same time ambiguities in the text of the Act and no regulation defining the scope and manner of filing could affect the reduction in the number of applications especially in cases of gastro-intestinal infections caused by viruses. In 2009, a new variant of influenza A(H1N1)v has occurred in Mexico. Infection with this virus spread over all the continents ...201121913454
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