campylobacter-associated diarrhoea in egyptian infants: epidemiology and clinical manifestations of disease and high frequency of concomitant infections.a diarrhoeal disease survey in alexandria, egypt determined the prevalence, seasonality, and household risk factors for campylobacter-associated diarrhoea in young children. the study population was 880 children (mean age = 9.8 months) presenting with diarrhoea at one of two hospitals. a control group consisted of 1,079 healthy children (mean age = 8.8 months) attending two nearby vaccination clinics. the overall isolation frequencies for campylobacter spp. were 16.8% for cases and 6.4% for the ...19938315255
enteropathogens associated with diarrhea among military personnel during operation bright star 96, in alexandria, egypt.this study investigated the microbial causes of diarrheal disease among u.s. troops deployed near alexandria, egypt, during october 1995. bacterial causes associated with 19 cases of diarrhea included: enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec), 42% (21% heat-stable, 11% heat-labile, and 11% heat-stable/ heat-labile producers); enteropathogenic e. coli (5.3%); and enteroadherent e. coli (42%). four cases of diarrhea were associated with enteroaggregative e. coli based on probe analysis for enteroag ...19979183160
campylobacter diarrhea in alexandria, egypt.the role of campylobacter as a cause of bacterial diarrhea in young children in alexandria, egypt was investigated. stools or rectal swabs were collected from 880 children (mean age 9.8 months) presenting to a hospital with the primary complaint of diarrhea and from 1,079 well children (mean age 8.8 months) attending a vaccination clinic. isolation of campylobacter was significantly (p<0.0002) more frequent from cases (17.2%) than from controls (6.4%). campylobacter was isolated from children pr ...199517214155
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