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campylobacter jejuni infections in haifa subdistrict, israel, summer 1981.a study investigating the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of campylobacter jejuni infections in an urban community in israel is presented. most of the information was obtained by interviewing 76 patients who constituted a systematic sample out of a total of 215 patients suffering from acute campylobacter jejuni diarrhoea during the summer of 1981. the crude annual incidence rate was 17 per 10 000. age-specific incidence rate in infants up to one year of age was eight times higher th ...19846735568
[an outbreak of campylobacter jejuni enteritis after farm visit in haifa subdistrict].we report on an outbreak of campylobacter jejuni (c. jejuni) gastroenteritis among children residing in haifa subdistrict after a farm visit. this incident emphasizes the importance of this issue and our report suggests preventive measures to reduce the risk of transmission of enteric pathogens in such situations.200212222128
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