kitchen practices used in handling broiler chickens and survival of campylobacter spp. on cutting surfaces in kampala, uganda.cross-contamination during food preparation has been identified as an important factor associated with foodborne illnesses. handling practices used during preparation of broiler chickens in 31 fast-food restaurants and 86 semisettled street stands (street vendors) were assessed by use of a standard checklist. these establishments used wood, plastic, or metal cutting surfaces during the preparation of broiler chickens. the survival of campylobacter spp. on kitchen cutting surfaces was determined ...200415453589
campylobacter spp among children with acute diarrhea attending mulago hospital in kampala--uganda.campylobacter infections occur worldwide. a recent study in kampala, uganda, found that 87% of broiler chickens had campylobacter jejuni; these are potential source of human infection. isolation rate in developing countries is between 5-35%. this study aimed at finding prevalence of children with campylobacter infection among children with acute diarrhea attending mulago hospital.200920589152
role of microscopic examination of stool specimens in the diagnosis of campylobacter infection from children with acute diarrhoea in kampala, uganda.campylobacter species are a frequent cause of enteritis and less often of extraintestinal infections in humans. the diagnosis of campylobacter infection depends mainly on culture which is difficult and expensive to be done as routine in most clinical microbiology laboratories in the developing countries. this study was conducted to determine the sensitivity and specificity of gram-stain of the stool in diagnosis of campylobacter infection, using culture as the gold standard. a total of 226 stool ...201020737835
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