lack of identification of flaviviruses in oral and cloacal swabs from long- and short-distance migratory birds in trentino-alto adige (north-eastern italy).west nile virus (wnv) and usutu virus (usuv), both belonging to the genus flavivirus, are emerging in italy as important human and animal pathogens. migratory birds are involved in the spread of flaviviruses over long distances, particularly from africa to europe. once introduced, these viruses can be further be dispersed by short-distance migratory and resident bird species. thus far, there is still a considerable knowledge gap on the role played by different bird species in the ecology and tra ...201324119320
absence of indigenous specific west nile virus antibodies in tyrolean blood the last several years, west nile virus (wnv) was proven to be present especially in the neighboring countries of austria, such as italy, hungary, and the czech republic, as well as in eastern parts of austria, where it was detected in migratory and domestic birds. in summer 2010, infections with wnv were reported from romania and northern greece with about 150 diseased and increasingly fatal cases. we tested the sera of 1,607 blood donors from north tyrol (austria) and south tyrol (italy) fo ...201121556676
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