serological evidence of west nile virus in dogs and cats in china.we evaluated west nile virus (wnv) seroprevalence in dogs and cats in shanghai, china. seventeen of the 367 dogs (4.6%) and 46 of the 309 cats (14.9%) tested positive for wnv antibodies. a higher wnv seroprevalence was found with outdoor and rural pets than with indoor and urban pets. however, wnv seroprevalence between the sexes were not significantly different. the results indicate that wnv-positive serum antibodies are present in dogs and cats in china, and pets, especially strays, could be s ...201121221671
serological investigations on west nile virus in birds and horses in shanghai, china.west nile virus (wnv) infection is an emerging zoonosis that threatens global public health. in this study, a total of 95 bird serum samples from 14 species and 341 horse serum samples were collected from 2008 to 2010 in shanghai, china. all serum samples were screened initially for wnv-reactive antibodies using a competitive elisa. the positive samples detected by elisa were further confirmed using a plaque-reduction neutralization test (prnt) for wnv and its most closely related flaviviruses i ...201322651924
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